Damn You Tostadas!

First: Easy Peasy Tostadas

You will need:

Pre made circular tostadas (yes you can make your own, but it can be a pain) basically fried tortillas.

Onions (sliced thin)

Cabbage (sliced thin)


Cheese (I like feta goat cheese)

Veggie oil or Manteca

Sour cream

1 can of refried beans

Whatever other toppings you prefer

Fry some of the onions, then add the beans. Then slap it all on a tostada and enjoy.

Enjoy, unless you are going to be having a gallbladder attack. In that case you will not enjoy this at all.

After ending up in the emergency room with pain that reminded me of giving birth, having fluids stuck into me, blood tests, and an ultrasound… I found out that my gallbladder has a nice pile of stones and one bite of delicious tostadas is all it took. I went from “gee, my stomach feels bad” to on my knees, nauseated pain in less than 10 minutes. It felt like contractions.

Apparently if you’re post partum, have lost a lot of weight (I have lost all my pregnancy weight and then some) in a short amount of time, and have a family history of gallbladder disease you are a prime candidate. I always thought it had to do with being overweight and eating bad, which doesn’t help but isn’t the biggest factor.

My grandma died of this condition. It scares me even though I know complications are rare.

So now I am taking it easy, am terrified of eating, and wondering how to keep my milk supply up and healthy when I need more calories for breast milk but less for the gallbladder. At least this didn’t happen during pregnancy.

Thank God I have my husband.

Hopefully soon I can get the blasted thing out and get on with my life. I miss my chiles…


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