A New Job, Perhaps?

Two days ago, a friend told me of a possible job opportunity.

-60-70k per year.
-Benefits and insurance.
-Full time, not a temporary job scam.
-In another area that has better schools, fewer rednecks with that ubiquitous and disgusting confederate flag, and roads that are actually taken care of.

I could rent an inexpensive place with a landlord that actually uses professionals, rather than local drunks to fix the house. If we live frugally, I could pay off my loans in about 5 years. I could pay off my credit card in – matter of weeks. This job would even be helping people who are disadvantaged economically and physically, so I wouldn’t just be another monkey in a cubicle! And I’d be earning two to 3 times what we make now!

I am visiting the site everyday, waiting for it to be posted and yet…

There is a trade off. I do not like the trade off. I have a little infant and can’t stand the thought of her being raised by daycare or a nanny. We’d also be far from my husband’s supportive family. Mr. Sassafrass and I have thought that perhaps we could have him be a stay at home dad. However, we both know that he would go crazy.

He’s Mexican, and as much as he’s rejected a lot of the machista culture he does like to be the provider. He also does not like to be in the house for extended periods of time- he’s been working since he was a little kid and now can’t stand to do “nothing”! Not to mention his family will rib him about this.

And yet, if I were to get this job, we believe its te only way it would work. Neither of us likes the idea of a daycare or a nanny- we want to experience her first words, first steps. We want her to be with Mami and Papi. A compromise might be that he works part time. It would get him out of the house (and as a current stay at home mom, I know how important that is to sanity) and cover basic expenses like rent- freeing up money to get us out of debt and maybe enjoy some things for a while. That would still involve a nanny or a daycare, but at a much less intrusive rate. Even then, he has said he could probably only do that for a year, but at least we would have the first year.

Because I have so much more education than him, we’ve both known that it is far more likely that I would be the main breadwinner. Honestly, I’d love to stay at home and part time work to supplement our income, but it’s nearly impossible. My job opportunities on this side of the state are laughable. Between the racist attitudes of the idiots I would have to work with and the attitude that any bilingual can be an interpreter (NO NO NO!) it is already a dismal prospect. Add on the pitiful few hours and no benefits, no insurance, and being on call 24-7…

I really hope this works out. My husband and I might have to feel uncomfortable for a while, perhaps a few years, but if I were to get out of debt and save our money I could return to being a stay at home mom.

God willing it could happen.


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