I give up

I didn’t even get a chance to fill out the app, much less an interview. Some lady who doesn’t even have interpreter training got the job before it even posted.

Because its all who you know. It doesn’t matter how hard working you are, how ridiculously over qualified you are, how honest, friendly, and willing to bend over backwards you are for the chance to maybe not live like a slave. No, it doesn’t matter.

All you need to get a job is to know the right people and hey presto you have a job and even a promotion. Go ahead and hit on your workers, including the married ones. Be lazy, drink yourself into alcoholism, don’t go to college. Abuse your kids and be irresponsible with money. Do all that, but kiss the right ass and you will get everything you will never appreciate.

After that, bash the generation that was constantly threatened that if we didn’t get good grades and go to college, we’d end up working at McDonald’s. Call that generation lazy and entitled for wanting what we were promised- that if we worked out asses off, took out excessive loans, and got scholarships we would gain a job we could maybe like but would at least be worth all the hard work we did because we’d be starting better than if we had just dropped out of high school.

Nobody told us that the barely literate alcoholic football player from high school would never go to college, but he would get to be a supervisor who sends out emails so badly worded people wonder if English really is his first language. He would get to be a supervisor right out of high school, all because his darling, enabling coach found him a job.

Nobody told us that after avoiding parties, studying hard, and working two part time jobs during college all we could look forward to working was the same two part time jobs. Jobs that would disappear as soon as we graduated, or got married, or committed the ultimate modern day sin of conceiving naturally at a natural age.

Nobody told us that we’d be “lucky” to work three jobs with no benefits, no way to be promoted, no way to apply anything we had learned, no insurance, and that those three jobs barely cover rent let alone food. And then we would get fined (oh sorry, “taxed”) for being too poor for Obamacare and yet not qualifying for Medicare. (Let’s be fair, the conservatives were telling everybody but well…Obama is going to bring change and fart rainbows everywhere!)

So go ahead and bash my generation. And for the record, this is on an iPhone. Because, you middle aged middle class pot bellied white prick, the only Internet I can get is on the phone, on a family plan that allows me 1.5 gb per month. Because 35 dollars a month is all I can afford for phone and Internet, which isn’t just for spreading chain letters written in comic sans, watching stupid Youtube videos, and posting memes on Facebook.

Not that it really does me any good, but I actually use this damn device to apply for jobs I will never have. Oh, how selfish I am. I should totally have gotten a more expensive, useless phone that couldn’t access the Internet so I could feel smug about it.

Yep. Fuck it.


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